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Baronscourt and Muff Liquor Drinks Companies Showcasing In Philadelphia

A locally-based brewing company that specialises in creating flavoursome artisan craft beers is to showcase its produce to some of the top influencers in the drinks industry when the company travels to Philadelphia this week.

Baronscourt Brewing Company, are in the United States alongside Donegal based The Muff Liquor Company as part of an Ireland Northwest delegation with Derry City and Strabane District Council and Donegal County Council to attend a prestigious Craft Drinks event entitled “In Good Spirits.”

John Wauchob, co-founder Baronscourt Brewing Company says this is a fantastic opportunity for the farm-run brewery to showcase its unique products and the unique methodology behind the production of their beer to specialists in the US drinks market.

Laura Bonner, co-founder of The Muff Liquor Company that produces a potato based craft gin and vodka says being part of the visit is an excellent opportunity for the company to network and meet with key influencers that will assist them to tap into the US drinks market.

The event is part of the collaborative work carried out by Derry City and Strabane District Council and Donegal County Council and their partners to develop in-market support for local companies to help them build relationships to support the development of export opportunities and is funded by the Executive Office and the Irish Government.

The Councils have been working closely with the Irish American Chamber of Commerce and Pennsylvania Dept. of Community & Economic Development to promote the North West region and are delighted that Baronscourt Brewing Company and Muff Liquor can avail of the unique opportunity to further develop their exports into the US market.

The “In Good Spirits” event features a panel discussion and question and answer session moderated by Terese Waldron, Director of Graduate Food Marketing Program at Saint Joseph’s University. There will be drinks experts from  Pennsylvania and Irish industry taking part including, Eve-Anne McCarron, Donegal Local Enterprise Office, responsible for The Food Coast Initiative); John Teeling of Teeling Whiskey; Andrew Auwerda, President & Co-Founder of Philadelphia Distilling and John Cooper, Co-Founder of Mountain Laurel Spirits (Dad’s Hat Rye)

Director of Business Stephen Gillespie with Derry City and Strabane District Council has welcomed the invitation for local companies to take part saying the visit is part of the Ireland Northwest’s strategic objectives, aimed at assisting local companies to internationalise their business, increase their business connections and exports.

A key element of this visit is that it aligns with the objectives set out in the recently launched Council food and drink strategy.

He said: “This is a great opportunity for Baronscourt Brewing Company and The Muff Liquor Company to showcase their products and further develop their links with drink distributors in the US. It’s a huge privilege for us to be invited to take part in this prestigious event and to be given a platform to promote the North West region as a food and drink destination. The event will be attended by a range of influencers in the drinks sector and our participation at this showcase is testament to the ongoing relationship we have developed with Philadelphia during our trade investment visits,” he said.

The delegation departed to Philadelphia earlier this week.

Further trade missions are scheduled to take place to both Boston and Philadlephia in November when both Councils will be supporting a range of local companies to assess their readiness to export and gear up to target and explore new business opportunities in export markets

Museum Loan Boxes Offer Glimpse Of Life During WWII :Derry-Strabane

07 May 2019

The museums and heritage service of Derry City and Strabane District Council are introducing an exciting and innovative service for local schools and groups to help recreate a sense of what life was really like for people living through the Second World War.

As the 80th anniversary of the beginning of the conflict approaches, two distinct loan boxes have been prepared which focus both on the home front, and the civil defence and regular army life. Schools and groups interested in exploring the era can now borrow the boxes from the Tower Museum or the Alley Theatre in Strabane to give children the opportunity to find out more about how ordinary people were impacted by the conflict at home, and what life was like for those embroiled in the conflict.

Collections Engagement Officer with the Museum and Heritage Service, Adrian Beattie, said the boxes offered a glimpse into the realities of day to day life during one of the most tumultuous times in recent history.

“The loan boxes offer the chance to see first-hand the items which would have been common in every household at that time, for example the newspapers that covered these historic events, which would have provided for most their only source of information on what was happening abroad.

“There are also examples of the rations that people had to make do with, which will give an idea of how little was available, and how things we now take for granted were considered luxury items at that time. The boxes are a great resource for any local schools or groups who may not have the opportunity to visit the museum, and are a great learning tool for anyone focusing on this era of history.”

The loan boxes are available to borrow for just £5, and hold a collection of fascinating items that conjure up a sense of the time. They contain a broad selection of items, many of which are original, that reflect the life of the ordinary person on the Home Front. The items include a selection of reprinted newspapers and WWII wartime replica newspapers, which will teach children more about the events of the time and help them understand the issues facing families in a war torn society.

Other items include replica WWII Food Rations to include the weekly approximate allowance of butter (50g), bacon (3 slices), one egg, cheese (50g), lard (160g), meat (224g), tea (50g), sugar (224g), as well as an evacuee’s suitcase of belongings, to include replica letters from real evacuees, toys, gasmasks, and documents. Replica ration books and propaganda documents also give a real sense of the air of uncertainty and threat which governed everyday life.

To find out more about how you can borrow one of the loan boxes for a school or group contact the Tower Museum on 02871 372411 or the Alley Theatre on 028 7138 4444.