The Butterlope & Clogherny Wedge Tomb

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Butterlope Glen- A Place of Special Geological Interest

Butterlope Glen which is located about 3.5 miles north of Plumbridge is a glacial meltwater valley. A walk through the Glen provides access to several of the rock types that make up the Sperrin Mountains. The rocks exposed in the Glen were overturned by ancient volcanic and metamorphic activity with the youngest rocks being found at the base of the glen and the younger rocks at the top.

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Clogherny Wedge Tomb

One of the earliest sites to be featured in the “Journey In Time” Historical And Archaelogical Tour of the Sperrins and Foyle areas, Clogherny Wedge Tomb is situated in an area of blanket peat near the Butterlope, 3.5 miles north of Plumbridge.Wedge tombs are considered generally to span the late Neolithic and Bronze Age periods, with this particular site dating approximately from around 2000 BC.

Clogherny Wedge Tomb is signposted with interpretation available on site.Wellingtons/ Boots required.