Departure Public Art Sculpture

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Abercorn Square

This Richard Livingstone creation has become a central feature in an environmental enhancement scheme of Strabane’s Abercorn Square undertaken during the mid nineteen eighties, measures some 9 ft x 9 ft x3 ft and consists of 1/4 ”- 3/8 ” Stainless Steel.

The piece incorporates the Currach (an indigenous mode of travel and transport, and integral feature of Irish life throughout the Christian and Pre Christian eras ) representing both food and sustenance as well as the exchange of ideas-The emigration ships of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries, in particular, providing the means by which the “children” of Strabane carried their ideas and knowledge and often themselves to the New World and further afield.

In relief on the sail can be found the biographical details of just some of Strabane’s most esteemed dignitaries whose influences are still acknowledged throughout the world.These are George Sigerson, Sir Guy Carleton, Woodrow Wilson, John Dunlap, Brian O’ Nolan, and Cecil Frances Alexander.

The implementation of the “Departure” project was co-ordinated through Belfast based architects Burns & Stewart on behalf of Strabane District Council and the Department Of Environment.