Goles Stone Row

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Glenelly road
BT79 8LU

Hidden away in the heart of Ulster lies the Glenelly Valley and the Sperrins, a dramatic envioronment millions of years in the making and with a thousand and one secrets awaiting to be discovered. Mysterious sentinels, such as the Goles ” Alignment” add to the enchantment of the landscape and are an integral part of “The Journey In Time” Tour of Archaelogical and Historic Sites of the Sperrin and Foyle areas.

The Goles Alignment/Stone Row is situated on the B47 between Plumbridge and Draperstown and consists of eleven individual upright stones, orientated north-south and arranged in a straight line measuring some 16 metres in length.They date from the early Stone Age and are believed to be associated with rituals to observe the rising moon.Interpretation is available on site.