Sion Mills Conservation Area

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Strabane District Council
47 Derry Road
Co. Tyrone
Northern Ireland

(N.B. Access restricted in many cases.Please seek permission from appropiate authority.)

Collectively the simple, single and two storey gothic cottages built to house the mill workers contribute greatly to the architectural and historical significance of the village. Their presence alongside that of the old flax spinning mill, founded in 1835, give a wonderful sense of the industrial heritage which once dominated the national landscape.The Mill is a large complex of buildings sited on the River Mourne, (architecturally the most important of which is the main 5-storey stone building with yellow brick extensions designed by Willian Lynn in 1853), with an impressive chimney and huge water-power system which, until after the First World War, produced the highest water horse power in the British Isles.Including the Mill complex as one,there are 41 listed buildings in Sion Mills.