St. Caireall’s Church

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Strabane District Council
47 Derry Road
Co. Tyrone
Northern Ireland

Another example of the area’s early Christian heritage can be found nearby at Magherakeel – The Plain Of The Church – in the form of the ruins of St. Caireall’s Church and the adjoining graveyard.It is believed the church whose site is said to have religious connections dating from the around the Sixth Century, may have been called after the founder St. Caireall or a local patron saint.In later years the Franciscans, were said to be associated with the site, however by the early Seventeenth Century,in common with most places of worship during that troubled period, St. Caireall’s had fallen into a ruinous state. In 1693 St Caireall’s was restored only to fall into disrepair at a later date. Today only a small section of it’s walls remain.